Enrichment Activities

A growing category of tips and projects to enrich your homeschool!

Learning on the Go

By Karen Doll

Enter a simpler time when delightful conversation, rousing a cappella sing-alongs, admiration for the passing landscape, and simple activities and games engaged children, and before…Read More

Summer Sky Science

By Karen Doll

Welcome to Creative Homeschooling! In this new column, you will find oodles of fun and creative learning ideas for all subjects. It is my hope to brighten your homeschool days and…Read More

Unit Study: Give Thanks

By Jodie Wolfe

Elizabeth’s body rippled with excitement. She shoved back the covers and hopped out of bed. Today was the day. Her cousins from Ohio would arrive in two hours. Mama had even promised…Read More

Give it a Try! Benjamin Franklin

By Melissa Pinkley

Benjamin Franklin was twenty years old in 1727—the year Isaac Newton died. The two men never met, but both are well known in the history of science. While Franklin is best known for…Read More

Give it a Try: Isaac Newton

By Melissa Pinkley

Isaac Newton (1642–1727) is most often pictured with an apple falling on his head. Although he did introduce the law of gravity to the world, Newton did a lot more for science than…Read More

Make Your Own “Rockets”!

By Matthew Lewis

In this article, we’re going to learn how to build a simple “matchstick rocket” right at home! If you already know how rockets work, you can skip the next two paragraphs and get…Read More

Sensational Summer Studies

By Deborah Tukua

A break from the routine of textbooks and school doesn't mean that summer isn't a time for learning. In fact, many unique opportunities for outdoor learning abound in summer. Here…Read More

A Handy Garden Project

By Emilee Elizabeth

During the summer months most homeschooling families enjoy gardening. Not only does this provide food for the table, and possible extra income, but it also serves as a perfect…Read More