Our homeschool group produces a short video of each graduating senior, using a song of their choice and photos the parents submit from their child’s birth through graduation. Each set of parents gets to share about what their child and homeschooling means to them. Friends who have attended our graduations tell us how touching and meaningful the ceremony is, even if they don’t know the individual students! A paragraph and photo of each student in the program tells a bit about them and their future plans. Homeschooling is a family endeavor and should be celebrated as such, among other homeschool families!

—Karen Koch


We held a private ceremony and reception for our daughter. Grandparents and out-of-state friends attended, along with our church family and local friends. Our son escorted our daughter in to “Pomp and Circumstance.” Not only did our pastor pray and speak, but my mother shared a poem, our daughter played the piano and sang, and I shared. We also gave attendees a chance to share a memory or encouragement. At the end, everyone gathered around her, laying hands on her and praying for her! It was so special! Now, we are planning our son’s graduation this May.

—Becky Weeks Petrocelli


Our co-op/support group has a graduation ceremony every year. If you aren’t involved in a group, you can get several friends who homeschool to do a ceremony together. We went to the graduation last year before we were even a member. I knew two of the girls graduating. They had a slide show for each senior with pictures from birth to graduation. The valedictorian and salutatorian both gave a speech. In the fellowship hall, each senior had a table set up for his or her family. The parents brought in items that represented who they are, like softballs, hunting stuff, and football helmets.
We had a buffet lunch. There was a table with each senior picture in a matted frame. All the family and friends signed the frames.

—Jaime Riddle


Hold a ceremony at a church, and if possible the graduates could get a cap and gown from a relative or someone special or a mentor. Have photos and video taken for a cost to help with the price of the celebration. Make it a buffet-style lunch. And have guest speakers (parents) give speeches. No valedictorian for obvious reasons. Have photos, and if possible, use a projector to display them for all to see. Make a class banner honoring all the graduates.

—Jordan Carlson

This article was published in the May/June 2016 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine.