The Beginning of 2018

By Kari Lewis on January 03, 2018

A glance in the rearview mirror of life shows 2017 quickly retreating into the distance while 2018 fills the windshield.  No matter how we strain our eyes in either direction, we can’t change the passing of time.  We can’t shift into reverse to head back to a more comfortable or happy time any more than we can speed more quickly into (or past) the upcoming days.

We may feel like breathing a sigh of relief that 2017 is over, or we may be nervously straining our eyes into the future dreading what we fear may be ahead.

But the date on a calendar doesn’t usually mark the end of a particular set of circumstances, or guarantee that better times are coming.  In fact, the date on a calendar doesn’t necessarily mean any sort of change at all.

Change is up to God.  And us—at least to a degree!

But while in one sense a date is just a date, the beginning of a year is still a wonderful time to focus on changing things for the better!

If you haven’t already, today would be a great time to get alone with God and prayerfully lay the New Year out before Him and ask Him to help you see His will and way going forward.

Remember, change—whether for the good or the bad—usually happens slowly. 

Prayerfully look at what is going well and think of a couple things you can focus on to maintain and continue forward momentum in those areas.

And, of course, look at what is not going so well. With the Lord’s help, come up with a couple things to focus on to begin making forward progress.

Don’t try to change everything all at once.  Don’t make huge lists of totally life-changing things you are going to start Monday, unless you want to fail by Wednesday or so!

Above all, cover the New Year in prayer.  Be sure to set aside regular times throughout the year to check your progress on what the Lord has laid on your heart and make adjustments as necessary. 

Remember, His mercies are new each morning!  They were new this morning, they will be new tomorrow.  And they will be new every day thereafter as we follow Him through the year!

May God fill you with His vision for your life, your family and your homeschool for 2018!