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Living Vicariously

Posted in Reports from the Trenches by Cindy Puhek on July 20, 2017
The word vicarious is defined as “experiencing in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.”  I remember hearing the warning not to live vicariously through my children.  I thought this could never happen to me…Read


Posted in Reports from the Trenches by Cindy Puhek on July 08, 2017
My eldest is about to graduate.  This is the child we decided to homeschool when she was 3-years old.  This is our "experimental child."  And looking back, I think the experiment turned out amazing. My oldest has requested an unusual…Read

Spinning Plates

Posted in Reports from the Trenches by Cindy Puhek on June 17, 2017
When my first 4 children were young, my life was incredibly busy but very simple.  Life revolved around the youngest children's schedules, especially naptime, and we rarely left the house.  But now most of my children are upper…Read

The Joy of Greek

Posted in Reports from the Trenches by Cindy Puhek on May 25, 2017
Greek is a rich, ancient language and the primary language of the New Testament.  As anyone knows who has ever learned a foreign language, much can be lost in translation and this is true with the New Testament as well.  A fuller…Read

Life Lesson from Green Eggs and Ham

Posted in Reports from the Trenches by Cindy Puhek on April 29, 2017
Perseverance is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.  In our microwave culture of instant gratification, parents must be deliberate in teaching perseverance to their children.  Finding…Read

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A Parent’s Primary Responsibility

A Parent’s Primary Responsibility

Every parent needs to do this.
While sitting at a fast-food restaurant, I watched as two small children defiantly climbed through the tubes in the children’s play area. Their mother screamed at them to come out and threatened them with punishment if she had to climb…Read

I Don’t Want my Kids to be Normal!

"You're going to homeschool your children?! Aren't you afraid they won't grow up to be normal?" This question has been posed to most prospective homeschoolers by well-meaning family and friends. When I was confronted with this question…Read
With Those Who Weep

With Those Who Weep

Life brings many struggles and challenges, and homeschoolers aren't exempt. How can we be a blessing to the suffering among us?
I’ve written about suffering before. In 2011, “Homeschooling in Crisis” was published in this magazine, in which I detailed my story of homeschooling in the midst of a cancer diagnosis while pregnant with my fifth child. In “Lesson in…Read

Defining True Success

Like most parents, I desire for my children to be successful. Because I homeschool, this desire can create extra stress. So much of my children’s training rests on my shoulders! It’s helpful to define success so that a homeschooling…Read