Can I teach multiple grades at the same time?

Teaching multiple grades at one time can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s certainly not impossible! In fact, teaching all of our children together can actually be one of the best parts of homeschooling! There are a few ways you can approach it.

First, as your students get older, they typically require less one-on-one time, thus freeing your schedule to spend additional time with your younger students who may still need more attention. In fact, some older students are capable of taking almost complete charge of their education and require only periodic checks from mom. This is generally known as the Self-Teaching Method.

A second idea is to do some subjects as a group. You can teach the same period of history, for example, to a range of grade levels, and then tailor specific activities or assignments to your students based on their academic level. This can work especially well for families who utilize unit studies.

A good schedule will also help you allocate your time wisely. Even if you do not opt to do classes as a group, having your students do the same subject during the same time period may be helpful. This way, as your children ask questions or need help with assignments, you at least don’t have to go from explaining long division one minute to proper sentence structure the next!

Keeping your young, non-school age children constructively occupied during school time is also helpful. Although they shouldn’t be entirely left to themselves during this period of the day, giving them some educational toys and allowing them to play quietly in the area where you’re doing school can help minimize interruptions. Also be sure to utilize younger children’s naptimes as a natural opportunity to give your older students focused attention.