How can I teach subjects I don’t know much about myself?

It's easy enough to teach our younger children, but many parents worry what they'll do when their children reach more advanced studies in junior high or highschool. Virtually all homeschooled students will eventually reach subjects that their parents do not feel qualified to teach. Does this mean homeschooling has to stop at that point? Not at all. There are at least a few answers to the question of how to teach subjects you don't know yourself.

First, most homeschool curriculum is well-suited to self-learning and does not require a teacher or instructor. In this case, the student learns directly from the curriculum and the parent does not need to know the subject matter.

Second, many homeschool parents enjoy learning some advanced subjects alongside their students. Besides helping both the parent and the child to gain mastery in the subject matter, this can also help strengthen family ties and build relationships.

Third, there is admittedly a very small group of subjects that do require experienced instructors and/or sophisticated equipment (such as advanced science labs). However, a surprising amount of even these subjects can be self-taught. For others, your student may be able to take part in a homeschool co-op or find a tutor to assist with the subject.

To sum up, the vast majority of students will be able to complete highschool at home without “professional” instruction.