Whether we're naturally artistic or not, developing creative skills and artistic appreciation is something all of us can do!

Kwik Stix

Kwik Stix are an interesting new addition to art supplies. They’re as easy to use as crayons or markers, but instead use solid Tempera paint for a fun drawing process and a unique…Read More

Creating a Masterpiece (DVDs)

It’s not easy to find a good art course. Many teach “building blocks” for certain shapes or objects rather than helping the student draw what the eyes see. Some get into too much…Read More

The Crossmaker Easter Story and Art Lessons (DVD)

The Crossmaker is the story of a young man with a very unique perspective on the Easter story.  This DVD combines an engaging story and art lessons containing both animated and…Read More

Art Class, Volume 1: The Basics (DVD)

Art Class, Volume 1 is a DVD containing a series of art lessons geared toward teaching art from the very beginning. The lessons start with the most basic skill of holding a pencil…Read More

I Can Do All Things

I Can Do All Things is an art curriculum introducing the fundamentals of drawing and painting to children ages six and up (since young girls tend to have better developed fine…Read More

Complete-A-Sketch Series and Practical Drafting

If you want to develop your child's attention to detail, hone their analytical and fine-motor skills, broaden their interest in art, and add a unique elective to your homeschool…Read More