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Moms Matter By Jonathan Lewis

I've developed a new appreciation for mothers.
It’s cliché to say it, but mothers are important. You don’t really need me to tell you that. Or maybe you do. You see, I know that being a mother is often a thankless job. There’s not a lot of glamor in it, and even though we all know…Read
Choosing to Focus on the Blessings

Choosing to Focus on the Blessings By Kari Lewis

Thoughts for Mothers Day
Sunday, May 8, 2016. Mother’s Day. This is the morning moms are supposed to wake up to a scrumptious breakfast, beautiful flowers, meaningful cards, gifts, and a day full of special times. Husbands and kids overflow with gratefulness and…Read
War and Peace

War and Peace By Kari Lewis

It has been said that a classic is a book everyone would like to have read but no one really wants to read. Take Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, for example. I confess I’ve never read it, and I probably never will. It’s one of the longest…Read
There’s Never a Reason to Flinch From His Touch

There’s Never a Reason to Flinch From His Touch By Kari Lewis

Embracing the loving touch of God.
When I was three years old, I was admitted to the hospital to have my tonsils out. I have only one memory of the entire event: I was in the hospital room, wearing a hospital gown, and a nurse was trying to give me a shot before my…Read
An Open Letter to My Homeschooled Children

An Open Letter to My Homeschooled Children By Israel Wayne

We're taking the path less traveled. Here's why.
Dear Children, I wanted to take a moment to write to you on the topic of homeschooling and explain why your mother and I chose this educational path for you. My mother began homeschooling me in the late 1970s, before homeschooling was…Read

Seasons By Kimberly Williams

Life is full of changes, leading us from one season to another, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities.
“I’m sorry. I just can’t commit right now,” answered the young mother. “It’s too hard to add another thing to our schedule. We need to stay at home and focus on our schoolwork.”This was the apologetic response I received after talking to…Read
No Fear of the Future

No Fear of the Future By Melanie Hexter

How to homeschool with confidence.
Drawing this series to a close has been a great time of reflection for me. For this magazine’s past ten Beginning Homeschooling columns, I’ve tried to address the fears and reservations that are common to new homeschoolers. I’ve thought…Read
Kinda. Sorta. Most of the Time…

Kinda. Sorta. Most of the Time… By Kari Lewis

Sometimes my feelings of self-worth don't line up with what I believe.
Have you ever just been going along in life, minding your own business, when something happens that takes you off guard—and your own reaction surprises you? It’s happened to me. Recently, in fact. I met a young career woman who found out…Read
Five Things Every Christian Can be Thankful For

Five Things Every Christian Can be Thankful For By Kari Lewis

We’re in the middle of my absolute favorite season of the year—autumn! I love the brisk, cool weather, cozy clothing, vibrant colors in nature, our traditional family activities, and the yummy comfort foods of autumn. The heat and…Read
Don’t Forget to Remember

Don’t Forget to Remember By Kari Lewis

Five things to keep in mind at the beginning of another school year.
It’s that time of year again. Summer is drawing to a close, and for many homeschoolers this marks the start of a brand-new school year. Some of you are just venturing forth into the world of homeschooling for the first time. You may be…Read