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Homeschooling With Purpose

Homeschooling With Purpose By Melanie Hexter

Discipleship disguised as schoolwork
There’s an adage that says, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” True in life, true in parenting, true in homeschooling. Want an example? Imagine two sets of parents. The first parents let their children lead the way. The…Read
Family Matters

Family Matters By Gretel Deem

Lately, I feel as though I have been bombarded by difficult family matters: balancing the challenges and the blessings of school at home, juggling financial stress, reconciling which activities to participate in and which not to,…Read
Blessed Mothers

Blessed Mothers By Rebecca Brandt

Pointing our children to Christ is the best path to being a blessed mom.
“Mom, I really want to start a few dual enrollment classes so I can graduate early . . .” Those words are still lingering in my mind as I sit here sipping a cup of hot tea and thinking about how quickly our days and weeks seem to be…Read
Grandparents: We Need You!

Grandparents: We Need You! By Kimberly Williams

Three huge ways grandparents can support homeschooling.
It is 7 a.m. on a Friday morning, and the caller ID shows that it is my mother. “Hi, Mom, what are you doing calling so early?” “Here, talk to this lady,” is her reply. The following conversation is unique but not surprising. The woman…Read
The Bravest Homeschoolers I Knew

The Bravest Homeschoolers I Knew By Melanie Hexter

I believe they are among the bravest homeschoolers I know—right up there with the pioneering parents of the 1970s and ’80s who educated their children at home when it wasn’t yet legal. Any parents who remove their children from the…Read
Digging Broken Cisterns

Digging Broken Cisterns By Cindy Puhek

My journey toward depending more on Jesus and less on myself.
God is the source of Living Water. Most Christians I know would attest to their belief in that statement. But although I knew where Living Water was to be found and I truly loved the Lord, I found myself unconsciously driven to be…Read
Are We Real…Or Really Real?

Are We Real…Or Really Real? By Kari Lewis

We’ve all heard the rosy stories of homeschooling moms who love their children, love homeschooling, love their husbands, love to cook and sew—they just love, love, love! Life looks like one big happy Sunday school picnic. They are all…Read
Free To Be Me

Free To Be Me By Valerie Basham

We just made it to chapter 5 of our Apologia Astronomy book! I know that to most of you, this may be no big deal. To me, it’s huge. I bought the book four years ago to do with my second and fifth graders. It was my first attempt at using…Read

Following God’s Voice By Rebecca Brandt

“. . . ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.” (James 4:15) “Mama, are we going to run or join a co-op this year?” My two oldest children gazed at me last year as I sat and poured out prayers over the…Read
Will It Be Enough?

Will It Be Enough? By Kari Lewis

I'm an imperfect parent.
Our children’s foray into formal education began in the public school system. We believed the lies that said the “experts” could do a better job of educating and preparing our kids for life. And we bought into the whole “what will they…Read