Getting It All Done

Teaching, housework, scheduling...what's a Mom to do? The articles in this category will help with all that and more!

Now Where Did I Put That? By Lori Deese

Do you ever find yourself asking that question? The homeschooling lifestyle has a way of causing many of us to accumulate a lot of “stuff.” Sometimes keeping track of everything, and remembering where it is when you need it, can seem…Read

Getting It Done By Tori Rollins

Homeschooling is hard work! Did you need me to tell you that? Probably not. Looking back over this day, it was a good one . . . but there is just so much activity, all the time . . . all day long. Having two older boys who love wrestling…Read

Breathing Room By Leslie Wyatt

I scan my hastily scrawled schedule as I wait at a red light. 1:50 - drop Emily at Madeline's house to give a piano lesson. Get stamps at Post Office. Stop by Brown's Shoe Store. 2:20 pick up Emily; drop her and Joe at Central Band for…Read

The Gift of Goals By Kym Wright

"Where there is no vision, the people perish . . ." Proverbs 29:18 If we were to change this verse from a negative perspective and make it positive, it might sound like this: "When I have goals, I feel more alive!" So, each year, I…Read

When Daddy Travels By Kym Wright

My husband's job often entails travel, but he attempts to make the trips short: overnight or several nights at the most. However, even short trips can seem long when I'm "mom-ing" the children alone. I have a big job keeping everyone in…Read

Scheduling and the Homeschool Family By Lori Deese

“Scheduling” has become one of the buzzwords of the homeschool community. The big question is, “How do I get everything done?” There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. That seems like a lot of time! But start filling in activities,…Read

Everybody Together Now By Leslie Wyatt

"Nathan, time to do your Typing Tutor lesson. And remember: No games until you've finished." I turn to my first grader. "Paul, let's do our reading. Abigail, why don't you do your handwriting right now?" Thankful that my other…Read

How to Combine Subjects By Lorraine Curry

Combining subjects can be a most efficient homeschooling technique. Instead of five to eight separate time slots, you can spend bigger blocks of uninterrupted time on one topic while covering most subjects. Here are some…Read