Homeschool Miscellany

Good homeschooling articles that don't quite fit into any of the other categories - this is a hodge-podge, but there are some real gems in here!

How to Teach Your Kids About Money Management (Even if You’re Not Doing So Well Yourself!)

How to Teach Your Kids About Money Management (Even if You’re Not Doing So Well Yourself!) By Carol Topp

Giving our kids a solid education about finances is critical. Here are some ideas and strategies you can use
Successful money management can bring great blessings, while poor management can bring utter disappointment. Perhaps you can relate to both the blessings and disappointments. You may feel that you’re no financial role model to your…Read
The Power of Unplugging

The Power of Unplugging By Phillip Telfer

It was a big adjustment when I moved to Chicago right out of high school. Among the many changes was a disappointing discovery that it was nearly impossible to see any stars at night. I had grown up in the country and spent many nights…Read
A Mother’s Most Essential Tool

A Mother’s Most Essential Tool By Maribeth Spangenberg

Nothing we can do for our kids is more important than this.
It’s sad to say that the greatest tool a mother has in her parenting arsenal is often the least used. I am referring to the power of prayer in a Christian mother’s life. Not just a rote “now I lay me down to sleep” type of prayer. Nor a…Read
A Homeschool Glossary - Part 2

A Homeschool Glossary - Part 2 By Melanie Hexter

Demystifying homeschool lingo
Welcome to Part 2 of the Homeschool Glossary! New homeschool parents run into so much lingo that not understanding the terms can be a barrier to feeling confident and capable in teaching your own children. I hope the definitions that…Read
One Mom, Lots of Grades

One Mom, Lots of Grades By Various Authors

How can one homeschooling mom handle kids in multiple grades at the same time?
“I do history, Bible, and some science as a group with most of my kids (high schoolers often do theirs on their own), using one or more of the following: WinterPromise, Sonlight, Mystery of History, Apologia, etc. Workbooks are done…Read
Video Games: Top 5 Concerns

Video Games: Top 5 Concerns By Phillip Telfer

They may not be all bad, but here are some things to consider.
In 1972, the year I was born, a new technology made its debut. It was the first home video-game console, the Magnavox Odyssey. The emerging industry didn’t realize at the time how monstrously huge this new form of home entertainment…Read
Making Time to Bless Others

Making Time to Bless Others By Marcia Washburn

Practical ways to help in times of need.
As Christians, we want to help others in their time of need. Perhaps there is illness in the family, or someone has died. Maybe there is a new baby, or perhaps someone is overwhelmed with caring for a parent while also homeschooling her…Read
Knowing When to Open the Door

Knowing When to Open the Door By Phillip Telfer and Elisabeth Telfer and 

Putting constructive boundaries around technology and social media.
I believe it’s safe to assume that parenting teens has always had its challenges—even long before the digital revolution. It’s also safe to say that parenting in the twenty-first century has new challenges that have never been faced by…Read
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World By Amy Puetz Fox

The ancients made some amazing things!
Among the writings they left us, the world’s ancient writers created a list of “seven wonders” that surpassed all the other man-made creations of the known world. In this list, they mentioned the most impressive buildings and statues of…Read
Say Yes to God!

Say Yes to God! By Pam Timmer

The amazing journey our family embarked on, and the vitally important lesson I learned.
Several years ago, my son came up with a great idea. He wanted to raise money for an orphanage.This particular orphanage was a special one to him because it was started and run by the family ministry of his hero.  This hero was not only…Read