Special Needs

Facing Our Fears

Facing Our Fears By Colleen Gallagher

When we suspect our child may have learning disabilities, fear is a natural reaction - but we shouldn't let that stop us from pursuing an early diagnosis and intervention.
Everyone who has children hopes they will be healthy and above average in every way. When it doesn’t turn out that way, parents face a dilemma. They may ask, “What is wrong with my child?”, “What should we do?”, or “How do we find help?”…Read
Kick Off Your Running Shoes

Kick Off Your Running Shoes By Cathy Steere

Have you ever been admonished, "Stop comparing your child to other children!"? You then quickly shake your head in agreement, "Yes, yes, I know, you're right, I shouldn't . . . I won't." But secretly, in your mother's heart of hearts,…Read

Creating an Individual Character Plan By Cathy Steere

I patted the spot next to me on the couch and beckoned, "Come here, sweetie." Our family cat, Mia, sauntered into the room and stopped when she heard me call. She remained standing where she was on the floor in the middle of the room…Read

The Day it Snowed By Cathy Steere

I had just finished reading a portion of a book to my son which detailed the life of Helen Keller. As I discussed it with him, his eyes grew huge with astonishment. He turned to me and questioned, "You mean she couldn't see anything,…Read

The Seasons of Life with a Special Needs Child By Cathy Steere

"Mommy, tell me a winter story about when you were little," my son, Drew, begged, climbing next to me on the bed. Having discussed, earlier that day, the four seasons and their differences, I understood why he put his request in for a…Read

In His Care: Our Story of Raising a Child with Down Syndrome By Beth Grove

I was hearing my doctor’s voice, but it seemed as if he were talking to me through a tube, and the reality of what he was telling me was too much to comprehend. His voice then became clearer as I heard him say “…and all these symptoms…Read

Secrets for Success with the Highly Distractible Child By Carol Barnier

He looks like any other child . . . but only when he sleeps. Why do I say this? Because when he's awake, unlike other children, he can sometimes be found on top of the refrigerator, in the laundry chute, and even on the roof. I still…Read