Teaching Ideas

Creative ideas for teaching your children!

Learning Through Volunteering

Learning Through Volunteering By Karen Doll

Want a hands-on education? Here's a good way to get it!
“My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.” (1 John 3:18) Volunteering is a wonderful way to get a hands-on education. Volunteering as a family is even better. Fortunately, there are many…Read
A Recipe for Poetry Appreciation

A Recipe for Poetry Appreciation By Jamie Gross

Cultivating a taste for poetry is as easy as pie with these simple steps!
Poetry appreciation can be a lot like that recipe you’ve been eyeing in your favorite cookbook. You know the one I mean. It looks delicious, but it seems so time-consuming and difficult. Besides that, it will require a trip to the…Read
Summer School

Summer School By Jonathan Lewis

The summer months don’t have to be a season of boredom and mental atrophy. Try some of these ideas to engage your kids and keep their minds active - all while having fun!
Summer is well under way by now, and if you’re like most parents, you’ve probably heard the oft-repeated phrase “I’m bored” just a few more times than you’d like. And, like a lot of conscientious homeschool moms, you may be wondering if…Read
Summer Learning Made Fun

Summer Learning Made Fun By Various Authors

We asked for ideas on Facebook. Here are some of the answers!
“We continue school through the summer so we can take more time off throughout the year. We do streamline everything, though, and we add more fun outings as well as VBS, a library reading program, more unit studies, etc.” —Elisabeth…Read
Report Cards - for Homeschoolers?!

Report Cards - for Homeschoolers?! By Melanie Hexter

The blessings of working toward mastery.
When my husband introduces a new seminar topic for his training business, he works hard to develop the new course. Before he can present any new workshop to a paying audience, he must understand the concepts and become proficient with…Read
The Roman Era

The Roman Era By Jodie Wolfe

“Son, take this tablet to Timothy. Make sure you aren’t followed.” Father handed fourteen-year-old Augustus a wax tablet. “Be safe, my son.” Augustus hid the precious document in the folds of his tunic, taking care to be sure the…Read
Mastered by Media

Mastered by Media By Sarah Bryant

What would we ever do without technology? Our modern world thrives on the ever-advancing forms of technology and media; if there were a day when all of our computers, cell phones, iPods, Internet, and countless other electronic gadgets…Read
Minds-On Learning

Minds-On Learning By Ruth Beechick

This article explores the place of mind in today’s learning theories. A modern term for that is minds-on, and all successful learning requires it. Parts of the Mind A popular teaching theory today is called hands-on. Violin, tennis,…Read

The Study of History By Dr. James Stobaugh

The times in which we live require a new look at history.  History, of course, never changes.  But we do.  Each generation looks rewrites history, so to speak, in light of its present circumstances. For instance, I bet American history…Read

Everyday Equations By Dena Wood

This is a specially abridged and adapted version of the full-length article published in the May/June 2006 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. Please see the bottom of this page for more information. Nemesis: An opponent that…Read