Teaching Ideas

Creative ideas for teaching your children!

The Ladder of Learning

The Ladder of Learning By Melanie Hexter

Last fall, as my husband worked outside on our house, he invited our oldest child, a daughter nearing her teens, to climb the ladder and join him on the roof. She handed him tools and provided encouragement. Eventually, our oldest son…Read

Practical Ways to Make Science Enjoyable By Amanda Schaner

This is an excerpt from the article, "Teaching Science: Practical Ways to Make Science Enjoyable" that was originally published in the July/August 2005 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. See the bottom of this page for more…Read

Preparing Children with the Art of Conversation By Bill Smith

The skilled art of conversation is rare in today's culture. Families stare blankly into flickering screens. Teens and toddlers grunt. Spouses "download" information to each other before falling asleep. Yet relationships are, most would…Read
The Problem With Creative Writing

The Problem With Creative Writing By Janice Lynch

Creative writing assignments are often found to be vague, undefined or too open-ended. When asked about how to tackle a creative writing assignment, one fourth grader who generally enjoys writing responds, "you just keep on writing until…Read

A Case for Logic By Maribeth Spangenberg

The look of triumph on my son’s face and the sense of accomplishment that he showed, was priceless. To think that the sudden understanding of what he perceived as an unconquerable Algebra problem could produce such emotion, really struck…Read

You Mean We Were Learning Something? By Lori Deese

The title of this article was inspired by my 9-year-old daughter, Adana. That is what she said to me when she read the first draft of this article. In a previous article I wrote about scheduling. (See Scheduling and the Homeschool…Read

Summer and the Homeschool Mom By Kari Lewis

June, July and August. Summer. In many homeschooling homes those months mean “summer vacation” from the regular schedule and rhythm of homeschooling. For others, who school all year, those months mean life and school continue pretty much…Read

Putting the Bible First By Julia Schmidt

"How old are your kids?" asked Cordell, a woman I had met at church and now bumped into at our local homeschool support group. She had three well-behaved, respectful, academically-advanced children a few years older than my two…Read