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Posted in Random but Relevant by Matthew Lewis on September 21, 2017
Most parents tell stories to their kids. But have you ever thought of turning it around and asking them to tell you a story instead? We’ve found that getting our kids to tell us stories can be just as much fun for them as it is for us to…Read

When it’s good - and when it’s not

Posted in Mom Time with Kari by Kari Lewis on September 09, 2017
Five days ago, our sons and their wives began a brand new homeschool year.  Both families were ready and eager to begin.  The mommies had their plans made and their materials gathered.  The kids were looking forward to getting started. …Read

Let’s be faithful!

Posted in Editor's Notes by Jonathan Lewis on September 08, 2017
The new school year is underway by now for just about all of us. Our first official week as a homeschool family has drawn to a close, and overall it’s been a success. Patrick (5) is enjoying it, Timothy (almost 4) is tagging along with…Read

More Farmer than Teacher

Posted in Reports from the Trenches by Cindy Puhek on September 02, 2017
I think many of us raised in institutional schooling approach homeschooling with a faulty paradigm.  We picture the role of a teacher as an adult standing in front of a group of children working hard to impart information to them.  In my…Read

Ready or not, here we go!

Posted in Editor's Notes by Jonathan Lewis on August 25, 2017
Now that Patrick is five years old, my wife and I are beginning our first official year of homeschooling. It will admittedly be fairly low-key this year, with an emphasis on reading, early math concepts, and a smattering of other…Read

We don’t even have to consider some things!

Posted in Mom Time with Kari by Kari Lewis on August 24, 2017
I don’t know about you, but too often I consider things that I shouldn’t even think about.  When I do that, I expend time and effort that is totally wasted.  It doesn’t benefit me in the here and now.  It doesn’t benefit me in eternity. …Read

What’s the Matter?

Posted in Mom Time with Kari by Kari Lewis on August 11, 2017
Every once in a while I find myself feeling overwhelmed, or discouraged, or angry, or just somehow “off”.  What’s worse is that oftentimes these feelings sneak up on me and I get stuck in a mental or emotional bog before I even realize…Read

Cookie Cutters Aren’t For Kids

Posted in Editor's Notes by Jonathan Lewis on August 10, 2017
Our kids are still young, but that doesn’t prevent my wife and me from seeing their unique personalities, giftings, and challenges. I’m sure all of these traits will evolve over time, but even in these first few years of life, it’s clear…Read

Continuing Evidence

Posted in Homeschool Devotionals by Maribeth Spangenberg on August 02, 2017
“And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever.” Isaiah 32:17         It was something I had to do....as a mother. They had now been married for four months, and I still…Read

How one of the greatest strengths of homeschooling can help you solve weaknesses

Posted in Editor's Notes by Jonathan Lewis on July 28, 2017
Over the years, I’ve come across a variety of questions and criticisms about homeschooling. Things like . . . “My husband thinks homeschooled kids are too undisciplined. They don’t have to follow a schedule and can sleep in every day…Read