Is Life Just a Variation on a Theme?

By Kari Lewis on October 05, 2017

Do you ever feel that you aren’t really getting where you want in your Christian life? I mean, do you feel like your life is one big Variation on a Theme? I sometimes do. I know I’m showing my age here, but spiritually speaking, it sometimes seems that my life is sort of a scratched or broken record. (For you younger moms, a record is what we used to listen to music on. )

I find that I go along until the needle of my life hits the same old scratch and I’m on repeat mode once again. I encounter the same struggles, learn the same lessons, remember the same truths, and even gain victories. But then it repeats. Over and over. And over yet again. Will I ever get it right? Will I someday totally and finally learn the lessons once and for all?

I don’t think I’m alone on this, am I?

It really shouldn’t surprise us, however. After all, we have each been created with a unique blend of certain traits—each with their own strengths and corresponding weaknesses. As Christians, we’re supposed to be growing in grace, wisdom and knowledge of God. But growing is a slow process. So, it should be no surprise that we must visit our same weaknesses or struggles in order to see a bit more growth. And revisit them again and again to see more and more growth!

As a young mom and Christian, I sometimes thought I could live the victorious Christian life more easily if it weren’t for the stresses of parenting and homeschooling. I thought life would get easier when the kids grew up and that I wouldn’t face those battles anymore. Then the kids did grow up, got married and are homeschooling their kids. Now, as an older woman, I find that I still encounter the same root struggles—because I’m still “me”. And because both God and the devil use whatever life circumstance we’re in to do their work. But in looking back, I see that my struggles, doubts and fears have not been wasted. God has brought growth and maturity in Him, though I’m still very much a work in progress!

The devil has been around for ages and has had lots of practice using myriad ways trying to thwart God’s plan and whip the winds and waves into an uproar in our lives. But, never fear…Satan, and the winds and waves of life still know HIS voice! We can relax in the Lord and let our lives be a Variation on a Theme of working to learn and relearn lessons, looking for God’s hand and praising Him for each victory!