More Farmer than Teacher

By Cindy Puhek on September 02, 2017

I think many of us raised in institutional schooling approach homeschooling with a faulty paradigm.  We picture the role of a teacher as an adult standing in front of a group of children working hard to impart information to them.  In my childhood, almost no learning took place without the teacher.  But I think a better picture of what I do as a homeschool parent is presented by a farmer rather than an institutional classroom teacher.

A farmer does not work hard to get a seed to grow.  Seeds are designed by God to grow.  The job of the farmer is to create the best environment possible for the seed to maximize growth and fruit production.  So the farmer makes sure the seed has good water, soil, and plenty of sunlight.  He makes sure the plant is not crowded by other plants and he pulls the weed.  He adds nutrients to the soil when necessary.  And then he monitors the seeds as they grow.

Children are designed to learn just as a seed is designed to grow.  A child proves this from before he's born as he learn their mother's voice and quickly after birth as he learns to talk, walk, and interact with his surroundings.  So my job as a homeschooling parent is not to coax my children to learn.  It's to create the best environment I can so that learning will take place.  I make sure my children are surrounded wtih learning opportunities.  I pull weeds of disobedience, disorganization, and sloth.  I give the children the tools they need to learn through teaching them how to read, write, and do basic math.  Then I give them the best curriculum I can find so they can explore the world of knowledge on their own.  I also monitor my children and make sure they are growing and learning to their maximum capacity.

It is not my job to cram knowledge into my children any more than it is a farmers job to force a seed to grow.