Stay the Course

By Kari Lewis on September 22, 2017

Back when our kids still lived at home and we were homeschooling, most of our years had their share of ups and downs. There would be times when it felt like we “had” this homeschooling thing down pat. Then there would be times when stress, doubts or fears would get a grip on me. Maybe I didn’t feel like the kids were learning what they needed to learn, or our curriculum wasn’t what we needed, or health issues were getting out of hand, or finances were too tight, or I didn’t feel like I was getting housework, church stuff, or just plain “living” done like I thought it needed to be done.

And, from my conversations with other homeschooling moms, I know I wasn’t alone!

But here’s the thing. When things begin to feel chaotic or stressful, it is sometimes all too easy to get off the course we need to be on—and that can be dangerous. Let’s face it, if school isn’t going so great, it can be pretty easy to pitch the curriculum and try another one. Or skip the schedule and let things coast. Or immerse ourselves in the co-op or church activities, other work or some other “good” thing.

And the fact is it’s not hard at all to find a plethora of “good” things! A better curriculum, homeschool parent meetings, Bible studies, nursing home ministries, teaching Sunday School, mentoring new homeschoolers, mission trips, serving shut-ins, going on homeschool field trips, cleaning our houses, campaigning for Christian political candidates…the list of good things could go on and on and on…

Each of us, however, is only ONE person or family. There are only so many things we can do, no matter how “good” or “worthy” or “important” they are! More significantly, there are only certain good things God wants each of us involved in. Even if the things we do are good—they become bad for us if we’re trying to escape or neglect what we should be doing. He knows the plans He has for us, and they are not exactly the same plans He has for a different family!

So the thing is, we have to stay close to the Lord, pray and seek His face. Maybe it is His will to chuck a particular curriculum, or take a different approach to homeschooling, or change our expectations (either up or down)—but don’t just willy-nilly change course without seeking the Lord and getting the direction from Him!

After all, if we truly adjust our course because the Lord has told us to—even though we are changing something, we are still “staying the course”—HIS course! And that’s far better than anything we can come up with on our own.

Hopefully your new school year is off to a great start, and our prayer is that it continues going great! But, if things aren’t so great right now, or if things start to get “off” in a few weeks or months—remember to stay the course with the Lord—seek His face—and do what HE says!