There Is Not One First Prize For This Event

By Kari Lewis on November 16, 2017

Much of life seems to be a competition.  The fastest runner gets the trophy.  The best speller gets the blue ribbon.  The top salesperson gets the promotion.  The most accomplished musician gets the prize.  

And everyone else…doesn’t.  They may have tried their hardest.  They may have practiced longer, or worked harder.  They may have faced a more difficult hurdle.  They may have more challenging circumstances.  But, whatever the case, they were not the best.  They did not win first place.

But no matter how we have personally fared in various competitions in the past, I want us to think for a moment about an event we are currently taking part in, where there is NO first place winner.  No one person will get the only blue ribbon.  There is not only one trophy.   There is not only one promotion. There is not only one first place prize.  

What is this event?  Motherhood!

Gasp?  Truly ladies, motherhood is not a competition.  Unfortunately, we moms are notorious for competing and comparing, which makes motherhood feel like a competition of mammoth proportion.  We watch others.  We compare ourselves with others.  We judge others.  We compare our kids, our houses, our husbands, our curriculum, our looks, our bank accounts…everything.  And when we do, we often feel like losers.  Or we feel proud (which is sinful and dangerous!).

But, motherhood isn’t about who does the best.  It isn’t about who has the smartest kids.  Or the nicest house.  Or the most attentive husband.  Or the largest bank account.  Or the best curriculum.  Or the most children—or the right number of children.  It is about much more than any of those things!

Motherhood is all about growth and relationship!  Spiritual growth for ourselves and our family—which comes when we by faith go through the various trials and blessings the Lord brings our way.  And relationship—with our Heavenly Father and each family member.  Growth can be hard, but it is always a blessing.  And relationships can be difficult (to say the least), but by God’s grace they can also be the most rewarding, fulfilling experience of all.

Each family is totally unique.  Each has its own distinctive mix of personalities, shortcomings, strengths, challenges and opportunities.  As such, it’s pretty much like each family (and each person) is the only entry in its class.  So, each family member, when faithful and obedient to God, can come in first place and earn a “Well done!” from our Heavenly Father.  

There is no need to try to win over those around us.  No need to compete for first place.  God’s affirmation of “Well done” is not reserved for only the top “performer”—it is reserved for each Christian, who by the grace of God finishes the race God has set before them.  

May we each welcome our race.  Run our race.  Finish our race.  And WIN our race.  There are enough blue ribbons for everyone!