Time for the Important

By Kari Lewis on October 24, 2017

Unfortunately, autumn is taking its dear sweet time coming to our neck of the woods! We’re still experiencing warm weather, mostly green leaves and hazy skies instead of the crisp cool air, vivid oranges and reds and deep blue skies we love. But, the calendar says autumn is here, so we’re moving ahead with the fall activities we enjoy (sans our cozy clothes and wiping a bit of sweat from our brows as we go!).

Earlier this week all of the Lewis families packed up and headed to an apple orchard about an hour from our homes. It’s a favorite fall destination full of pretty sights, wonderful smells, tasty samples, famous apple cider donuts and fritters, and an enormous, absolutely fabulous play area for kids!

All afternoon we were pulled along by six sets of little hands and excited squeals of “Grandma, Grandpa look at this! “Grandma, Grandpa lets go over there!” We climbed ladders, went down slides, rolled in barrels, wandered in the hay bale maze, took pretend trips in the train, played in the sandbox, bounced in the bounce house, made faces in the crazy mirror, looked at goats, chickens, rabbits, llamas and various sundry farm animals and did all sorts of other things! In short, we walked our legs off and had one of the best times of our lives!

Sure, probably all of us adults felt that we had plenty of “more important” things that we maybe should be doing instead of traipsing off for a day outdoors—especially a weekday. But autumn (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) only comes once a year and kids have a way of growing up while we’re not looking (Though the fun day had the grown-ups acting like kids again, too!). It was a wonderful break from our usual routine and the stresses of everyday life. It blew some of the cobwebs from our brains, refreshed our focus, put roses in our cheeks, and wonderful memories in all our hearts. It was a day very well-invested!

A break spent out in nature with our families can help bind our hearts together, grow relationships, bring clarity of thought and fresh perspective, and release creativity to deal with whatever difficult situations we may be facing. So I encourage you…if you’re feeling stressed out (or even if you’re not!), make an effort to take time this autumn to get out and enjoy God’s beautiful world with your family.

Hey—why not take a moment to let us know what autumn things YOUR family likes to do! We’d LOVE to hear from YOU!