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Can History Be Trusted?

Can History Be Trusted? By Israel Wayne

The Goal: “The first and only irrevocable commitment of men who write history is to find out what happened in the past and to render it intelligible.”—J. H. Hexter 1   The Controversy: “Let us free ourselves from the deception of the…Read
Mountaintop Moments

Mountaintop Moments By Lindsey Moser

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to push Bible study aside in favor of more urgent tasks. Here are some simple strategies for keeping Bible time fresh and real.
I spent the better part of my childhood in homes surrounded by mountains. Early in the morning, the sun would catch the dew on the grass just enough to make the front yard look like it was bathed in peach syrup, the gentle bumps of quiet…Read
Rediscovering the Most Important Subjects

Rediscovering the Most Important Subjects By Lea Ann Garfias

Why we make the Bible and history the center of our homeschool
When I first started homeschooling, mumble-mumble years ago, I went all-out on all the subjects. I was one of those homeschoolers who purchased the mega-ultimate-deluxe package of curriculum, covering every single subject in depth with…Read
What Does Tomorrow Hold?

What Does Tomorrow Hold? By Kari Lewis

Thoughts on the New Year.
As I write to you today, 2017 is just about here. Where has the time gone? It seems only a few years ago we were nearing the year 2000. But the calendar assures me that more than a few years have passed! Somehow, the older I get, the…Read
Should Homeschoolers Go to College?

Should Homeschoolers Go to College? By Lea Ann Garfias and Jonathan Lewis and 

The pros and cons of college are many, and the debate over higher education has been vigorous inside the homeschool community. How do we sift through it all and arrive at some answers?
A generation ago, educational paths were predictable: students graduated with a high school diploma, then attended a university or trade school immediately. Today’s homeschool students are not so typical; besides redefining secondary…Read
Hey, Mom! I’m Bored!

Hey, Mom! I’m Bored! By Gail Heaton

A better idea than an "I'm Bored" chore list!
Oh, those sweet words every parent longs to hear. Not. “Hey Mom! I’m bored. What can I do?” Lucky for you, you probably don’t hear this from your early learner yet, but ask a parent who hears that over and over again and they will tell…Read
5 Ways to Adapt for Your Kinesthetic Student

5 Ways to Adapt for Your Kinesthetic Student By Melanie Hexter

Teaching the "Do It" Learners.
A son who “wiggles too much” to finish a worksheet. A daughter who asks to dress up in historical costumes to show others what she’s learning. A student who can’t sit still through a chapter of a book but can confidently deconstruct and…Read
The Pros and Cons of the College Road Less Traveled

The Pros and Cons of the College Road Less Traveled By Karen D. Koch

Considering a non-traditional approach to college education? Here are some things we learned during our son's journey.
When our oldest turned sixteen, we enrolled him in CollegePlus (now Lumerit Scholar Unbound) to accelerate him to a college degree. We felt he was ready for college work, and he was, earning twelve college credits in his first six weeks…Read
A Mother’s Most Essential Tool

A Mother’s Most Essential Tool By Maribeth Spangenberg

Nothing we can do for our kids is more important than this.
It’s sad to say that the greatest tool a mother has in her parenting arsenal is often the least used. I am referring to the power of prayer in a Christian mother’s life. Not just a rote “now I lay me down to sleep” type of prayer. Nor a…Read
5 Ways to Make Your High School Curriculum College-Ready

5 Ways to Make Your High School Curriculum College-Ready By Sapphire Heien

Strategies for getting your kids set for college success.
One of the most surprising lessons I’ve learned in college is that my parents’ unorthodox homeschooling methods made me better prepared for higher education than my public-schooled friends. While the transition from homeschool to college…Read