Character Development

The Essence of Christian Parenting By Marc Carrier

During a recent business flight, I (Marc) went through the usual pre-flight exercise, in which the flight attendant explains to the passengers what to do in case of an emergency. At one point, we were shown how to use the oxygen mask in…Read

What Matters Most By Timothy Palla

I had excused myself prematurely from an evening church fellowship. There, all alone in my office, I wearily faced a pile of books, papers, Bibles, and "stuff" that covered my desk from one corner to the other, but tonight I wasn't going…Read

I Don’t Want my Kids to be Normal! By Cindy Puhek

"You're going to homeschool your children?! Aren't you afraid they won't grow up to be normal?" This question has been posed to most prospective homeschoolers by well-meaning family and friends. When I was confronted with this question…Read