In addition to feature articles and other helpful homeschool content, each issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine also contains the following regular columns - some for you, some for your kids, and some for the whole family!

From the Editors

A word of vision and exhortation to help you press on in the journey of home education.

On the Home Front

A personal update on the latest happenings in the Lewis family.


News and commentary on homeschooling, education, family, and other relevant topics.

Family Matters

Relationships are the foundation of homeschooling! This column features the insights of Dr. S. M. Davis and guest columnists sharing Biblical wisdom on how to have a strong family.

Creative Homeschooling

Who says learning can’t be fun? Get inspired with fun and creative ideas to spice up your homeschool!

Adventures in History

This isn't your typical, dry, names-and-dates history. Each column brings the past to life as Amy Puetz finds the story in history.

Inventions that Changed the World

Science and history meet! Discover the great inventions that have altered history or changed the way we live. From the obvious to the obscure, you'll catch a glimpse into the history and science behind world changing inventions.

Unit Study

A complete Unit Study is featured in every issue! Learning ideas for a variety of subjects are centered around a specific theme, such as cowboys, presidents, gardening, or the history of flight.

Give it a Try!

In this hands-on column, you'll discover fun science projects that will help you and your kids understand more about God's amazing creation.

Beginning Homeschooling

If you're in your first year of homeschooling - or if you just don't feel like an expert yet even though you've been at it for awhile! - this column is for you. Written by a longtime homeschool mom, you'll find valuable insights to help you on your way.

Early Learning

Have little ones? Then don't miss out on this column written especially for you! You'll glean helpful information and practical ideas on how to make the most of the early years.

High School

If there is any aspect of homeschooling that intimidates more moms than anything else, it's the high school years. But don't worry! You'll find loads of encouragement and practical, real-life answers packed into this helpful column.

Kids & Tech

Technology is a powerful tool—and just like any other tool, our kids need to know how to handle it effectively, productively, and safely. This column will help equip you to raise your kids in the digital age!

Creation Science

Designed to help you and your children develop a Biblical worldview on science, origins, and more, this column features articles by Ken Ham and other occasional guests.

Management for Life

One of the biggest struggles for homeschooling moms is "getting it all done." This column tackles the home front and shares ideas and strategies for things like cooking, cleaning, managing the finances, and keeping your home running smoothly.

The Organized Homeschool

Drowning in books? Can't find your supplies? Don't lose heart! Written by a real-life homeschooling mom, this column offers practical strategies to help you deal with clutter and finally get things in order!

The Family Bookshelf

Homeschoolers love books! But sometimes finding good titles worth reading can be a challenge. Homeschool mom Jamie Gross makes it simple by sharing quality recommendations in each issue.

Mom Time with Kari

Kari Lewis is the "mom" here at Home School Enrichment. She taught her two sons at home, and now shares insights and encouragement to help you embrace the wonderful calling of full-time motherhood.

A Closer Look

Reviews of curriculum, books, DVDs, and other resources for families and homeschoolers.

Top Ten Takeaways

A one-page compilation of some of the best nuggets from the rest of the issue. Check it out first to find out where you want to start, or turn there last to make sure you didn’t miss anything!