Early Learning

Colorful, large pieces, big print, lots of pictures. What helps your youngsters learn best? Try some of these educational products to help develop your childrens' blossoming young minds

Ivy Kids Learning Kits

Ivy Kids Learning Kits

Ivy Kids Learning Kits are a fun and interesting idea. After all, what could be better than a themed box of educational goodies to help our younger children stay engaged and learn fun and useful facts and skills? And a new box every…Read

Little Passports (World Edition and USA Edition)

Little Passports (World Edition and USA Edition)

Little Passports a subscription-based, interactive introduction to the world around us, designed especially for children. There are three editions available: Early Explorers (ages three to five), World Edition (ages five to ten), and USA…Read

Preschool Activities in a Bag (E-books 1 & 2)

Preschool Activities in a Bag (E-books 1 & 2)

Have you ever puzzled over how to keep your preschooler occupied, safe, out of trouble, and (hopefully) educationally employed while homeschooling your older kids? Do you work with younger children in a homeschool co-op, church nursery,…Read

Crossroads of Character

Crossroads of Character, coauthored by homeschool pioneer Marilyn Boyer and her daughter Kate Boyer Brown, is a good resource for parents looking to teach character in the context of stories young children will enjoy.   Twelve short…Read

Christian Liberty Preschool Activity Book

Preschoolers, letters, shapes, and animals go hand in hand in this fabulous workbook. Christian Liberty Press has produced a great workbook full of fun and appealing images and activities for the younger set. While emphasizing…Read

Chore Challenge: The Magnetic Chore Chart

Our house may often seem chaotic with two teenagers going in various directions, a mom who works both in and out of the home . . . and a five-year old. How can we efficiently accomplish all we need to do to get our day started and…Read

Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers

In our homeschool, we believe that most of our teaching will be for nothing if we do not teach our children well the ways of God. And, within that teaching, we believe that sound, Biblical doctrine is a must. Doing that in a way that…Read

Learning Numbers with Bible Facts 1-12

Learning Numbers with Bible Facts is a gentle introduction to the world of numbers for the preschool or kindergarten-aged child. This 56-page workbook presents each of the numbers, one through twelve, through the use of Bible facts. The…Read

The Pastor’s House DVD: Episode 1 - God’s Creation

The Pastor's House is a Christian DVD series weaving entertainment with eternal benefits. Each DVD contains 30 minutes of Bible-based education. Learn about God's magnificent creation straight from Genesis chapters one and two. In…Read

Bright Beginnings

If you desire a comprehensive preschool curriculum based on Christian principles, look no further. Ms. Tammy Shaw has interwoven character training and Bible knowledge with heavy doses of real-life learning experiences and open-ended…Read