Music can bring so much beauty into life - and fortunately, there are a lot of resources available to help homeschoolers in their musical endeavors!

Beethoven Who? Family Fun with Music

Music, we’re told in Scripture, is one aspect of earth that continues in heaven. Since music is eternal, can there be a more important subject to teach our children? Understandably, many homeschool moms throw their hands up in despair…Read

Piano for Quitters (DVD)

Lessons. Practice. Recitals. They are an essential part of learning to play piano, aren’t they? Not according to Mark Almond. In this ninety-minute video, he addresses many of the issues of piano lessons that do, indeed, drive so many…Read

Jaffe Strings

One of the positive experiences I had in public elementary school was learning to play the cello. In the fourth grade, all the students went through music aptitude tests and were invited to take group lessons to prepare us for junior…Read

Godly Composers (Book & CD)

Godly Composers is a very nice book & CD music set. There are four different composers to study while listening to their music on the CD. Each composer has several coloring pages for the child to use along with the readings from the…Read

Bach/Mozart Composers’ Series

This five-piece set consists of two books, two study guides, and a companion CD. The two books in this set are "Sebastian Bach, The Boy from Thuringia" and "Mozart, The Wonder Boy." The books are soft cover, each 126 pages long.…Read

Piano Course for Christians

As an experienced piano teacher with a master's degree in music, I confess to some skepticism about most teach-yourself-to-play-the-piano courses. As I examined this resource I found, however, that the author makes no wild claims about…Read