Reviews by Stacy Erickson:

Xtreme Science Elementary Astronomy DVD

Are you concerned about teaching astronomy from a secular perspective? This video takes a Christian viewpoint and addresses many of the mysteries of outer space in the style of Mythbusters, the currently popular show dedicated to…Read

Mathematical Reasoning Middle School Supplement

  Critical Thinking publications challenge students (and teachers!) to think outside the box and beyond the basic lessons in our daily lives. This book is geared toward grades 7–9 and contains fifty different lessons and their answer…Read

Keyboard Classroom

Keyboard Classroom was created by educators to use with students with learning disabilities at the Ben Bronz Academy in Connecticut. The program includes a CD-ROM, installation instructions, and patented finger guides which attach to…Read

Hope for Parents of Troubled Teens

Children do not come with owner’s manuals, much to the dismay of parents for many generations. Even worse, some children just don’t follow the pattern that their siblings and others in their family have set. When those children become…Read

Clyde’s Garden Planner

Every gardener needs a few basic things to have a successful garden: seeds, a proper growing medium, water, and weather conditions conducive to growing each particular crop. One of the hardest things for a gardener to know is just…Read

Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day (Audio CD and Book)

This set includes six CDs, a book, a language map, and a CD-ROM. The author gives a clear outline of the program and explains how to learn Spanish in just ten minutes a day. She offers various tasks and methods to learn, including…Read

The Crossmaker Easter Story and Art Lessons (DVD)

The Crossmaker is the story of a young man with a very unique perspective on the Easter story.  This DVD combines an engaging story and art lessons containing both animated and live action participants. The format is rather different…Read

Honest to God

There are thousands of books on the market that try to teach us how to improve ourselves. Some are very detailed and clinical; some are full of personal ideas and opinions. Honest to God strikes a nice balance of personal experience,…Read

Family Works Vol. 2

Family Works is a two-volume series produced by Franklin Springs Family Media. I recently had the opportunity to review Volume 2. Wade Myers, a Harvard MBA, analyzes three separate family business ventures during the…Read

The Whole Bible Story: Everything That Happens in the Bible in Plain English

Dr. Marty is mostly known for his position as a professor at Moody Bible Institute. His background and expertise led him to realize that the Bible is tremendously important for people to read, but the very text itself is sometimes a…Read