All About Spelling (Levels 1, 2, and 3)

Reviewed by Stacy Erickson

All About Spelling is another intriguing program born out of the struggles that Marie Rippel had with teaching her own child to read and spell. Recognizing that learning styles and teaching approaches are different, she created All About Spelling along with the All About Reading program, and All About Spelling uses the same multisensory approach. Using clearly written lesson plans that require very little teacher prep time, Rippel keeps the lessons simple both in teaching materials and supplies needed. The teacher’s manuals for all three levels include step-by-step lesson plans, built-in daily reviews, and individually customizable student plans. Levels progress quickly because the concepts are taught in small pieces for faster retention.

This program is written in a way that enables teachers to understand and prepare the  whole book of material within just a couple of hours. The teacher’s manual tells exactly what you will need to complete the book before you ever start lesson one! I found this very helpful. Each level has a set of multicolored flash cards, a progress chart, and a completion certificate. I found it helpful that All About Learning Press has made some components interchangeable with their reading program, and most items are nonconsumable.

Teachers will find the website is full of spelling resources and forums which address questions about specific program components. The Spelling Resource Page is chock-full of articles, tips, hints, and how-to information that answered many of the questions I had about the curriculum before I ever opened it.

I found this program to be simple, straightforward, and easy to use. Levels build on the one before, so for the best foundation, a student really does need to start at the beginning, as the publisher suggests. Using the letter tiles and a hands-on approach seems to teach my students much better than methods tried in the past with rote memorization. I really enjoyed the visual approach used with the “rule breakers” of spelling, and I can see how this method will help students with learning challenges. A seventh level of the program will be released in June/July of 2012.

I expect the All About Spelling series is going to become one of the big names in the homeschool curriculum world very soon, because this curriculum truly does set itself apart from the rest we have tried.

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