Chore Challenge: The Magnetic Chore Chart

Reviewed by Paula Anderson

Our house may often seem chaotic with two teenagers going in various directions, a mom who works both in and out of the home . . . and a five-year old.  How can we efficiently accomplish all we need to do to get our day started and continue through the day with minimal “reminders” from Mom to complete daily chores?

While the older children have their own system to remind them what to do, what can we do to give our younger child more independence and a sense of accomplishment in completing her chores and duties?

Enter Chore Challenge!  This magnetic reminder board helps younger children, both pre- and early-readers, to remember to do their chores.

We have the magnetic board on our refrigerator at a level that is within our child’s reach.  The board comes with magnetic pieces that are a visual reminder of various chores and rewards, along with point magnets, and a progress magnet to move along the path to the reward.  It also comes with some blank magnets so that you can create your own chores or rewards.

The board is bright and colorful, showing an apple tree next to a path marked with numbers. As a child completes their chores, they move along the path towards the pot of gold at the end. When they reach it by completing their necessary chores, they have earned a reward.

The Chore Challenge Magnetic Chore Chart has aided us in teaching our five-year-old responsibility for her chores, and the reward system has motivated her to do her chores consistently and cheerfully.

Information and availability subject to change without notice.