Copywork for Little Girls (from the Copywork for Young Ones series)

Reviewed by Merri Larsen

Finally . . . excellent copywork lessons designed for the younger students!  The well-known British educator, Charlotte Mason, advocated meaningful handwriting experiences for children from the beginning of their formal education.  As a long-term CM homeschooler, I believe she would be extremely pleased with this series entitled Copywork for Young Ones. With large, bold print and lines directly underneath the material to be copied (which enables your child to see words easily without darting back and forth from source to notebook), the student is enabled to experience heightened success.  It is not always easy to help children feel excitement over handwriting, but I am convinced this book is a major step in that direction and will prove to be a homeschool classic in time.  All copywork selections present great moral and Bibical truths from a conservative Christian perspective.  In Copywork for Little Girls, excerpts are from classic poetry and literature, including Mabel Hale’s classic, Beautiful Girlhood.  Sturdy spiral binding will ensure a treasure to be kept for school records and family memories.  As for me, I am going to buy copies for all the little girls who are near and dear to my heart!  Exemplary!

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