God’s Plan for Growing Up and The Standard of Modesty

Reviewed by Beverly Williams

Although these two books are not actually published as a set, they can be used very well together since both address very important topics for young ladies. The first book, From Girl to Woman, the first book in Sandi Queen’s “God’s Plan for Growing Up” series, couldn’t have come at a more timely stage of my daughter’s life. I have been searching the bookstores, secular and Christian, for this type of book and have been very disappointed in what is available. From Girl to Woman is truly a Godsend. The author clearly explains to your young daughter the facts surrounding the changes going on in her life. I feel this book is appropriate for pre-teens to teens, at that age where you would need to have “The Talk” with them.  My daughter just turned 11, so this is a good time to use the materials.

I really like how the author encourages the girls to talk to mom when she has questions.  The girls are also encouraged to pray. As the book states “After all, this is HIS plan for your life!” The book discuses hygiene and how to take care of themselves. It also tells the girls things to do to be a good steward, and to be a blessing to their parents. There are a few diagrams to make the explanations easier to understand, but they are very tastefully done. I really love that the emphasis on her body getting ready to have a baby is for after marriage. This book doesn’t tell about the changes a young man is going through, but it does say they are going through many changes of their own.

The Standard of Modesty is a wonderful Bible study for young ladies, also by Sandi Queen, containing 30 different lessons. It starts out teaching the definition of modesty and chastity. As it progresses, it discusses manners, gentleness, lying, and the reasons God created boys and girls differently. It teaches how it is not good for us to do anything to cause our brothers to stumble. It also discusses feminism, the way girls dress and why, how girls present themselves, what true beauty is, and so much more. It is a very thorough Bible study that I feel both young and grown ladies can all benefit from.

If you’re looking for a way to discuss these issues with your daughters, I definitely recommend checking these books out!

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