Pelican Cove

Reviewed by Jonathan lewis

An important skill to teach our children is the ability to use logic to analyze a situation and respond correctly. This ability will come to their aid on innumerable occasions throughout a lifetime.

I recently came across a fun way to help build and reinforce logic skills in our children—a game called Pelican Cove from Simply Fun.

Getting started may take a few minutes while you learn the rules and get familiar with how the game works. But you’ll soon settle in and enjoy the world of Pelican Cove.

The concept is fairly simple. Each player receives a small personal game board with eight spaces around the edges. Each player also receives eight pelican-shaped playing pieces, each a different color. On the main playing board, placed in the center of the table, eight cards are turned faceup; these contain the instructions for the rest of that round (there are a total of eighty cards in five levels, so no two rounds will be alike).

The goal is to place your eight pelicans on the blank spaces on your personal board according to the instructions on the cards. For example, one card may dictate that the blue pelican must be on the left side of the board. Another might specify that the orange pelican must be opposite the blue one, while another may instruct that the orange one must also be around the corner from the black one. Yet another card could dictate that the white pelican must be at least two spaces away from the purple one, while still another instructs that the green pelican must follow exactly the opposite rules as the yellow one. The goal is to place all of your pelicans on your board before the time runs out while breaking as few of the rules as possible.

I had the opportunity to play the game with my wife’s family, and it kept several of us—covering a wide spectrum of ages—engaged and entertained. At thirty-one, I don’t think I was enjoying it any more (or less) than my twelve-year-old sister-in-law.

One of the greatest strengths of Pelican Cove is its adaptability. The five levels of playing cards allow you to tailor the game to the ages and abilities of the players. If you’re up to the challenge, mix all five levels together for a game that will stretch your mind and really get you thinking. To make the game a little easier, you can leave out of the more advanced levels. For example, to create a more intermediate experience, play with levels one through three; or for an entry-level game, play only with levels one and two.

Additionally, the game allows for an option in which younger players can play with just the easier cards at the same time that older, more experienced players are using all the cards. It’s truly a versatile experience, easily transformed from a simple exercise in beginning logic to a mind-bender that will tax the abilities of anyone short of the next Einstein.

If you’re looking for a fun way to build logic and thinking skills, look no further than Pelican Cove. It’s a winner! 

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