Princess Cut (film)

Reviewed by Lisa Lewis

Princess Cut is the newly released, feature-length film from Watchman Pictures. This family-friendly movie has excitement, suspense, and just the right amount of romance to make it a great choice for the whole family. Along the way, Princess Cut brings fresh clarity to such issues as preparation for marriage, dating, and Christian romance.

Princess Cut follows a young woman, Grace, who has grown up on her family’s farm where she has learned the value of hard work and responsibility. Now a young adult and wistfully pondering romance, Grace finds herself confused and hurt. Slighted and betrayed by friends from her younger days, Grace struggles past worldly influences and philosophies in search of God’s will in finding a mate. Amidst rejection and inner turmoil, Grace learns patience and hope, and ultimately is rewarded for her loyalty to her family and faith. Surrendering to God’s will regarding a husband is hard for Grace, but He blesses the outcome beyond her wildest expectations.

Princess Cut features beautiful outdoor cinematography and family values that can perhaps be best described as “down home” or perhaps “earthy.” Scene after scene of rolling farmland, peaceful pastures, and lakes constantly emphasize the film’s theme of calmly waiting on God to reveal His perfect plan.

Princess Cut is an outstanding movie for the whole family. Viewers will be delighted as the film brings to life such Christian ideals as homemaking, sibling relationships, diligence, and teamwork, as well as family fun and togetherness. Princess Cut would make a great Christmas gift or feature for a family movie night during the upcoming holidays—and lots of opportunity for discussion afterward. Don’t miss it!

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