Reviewed by Leslie Wyatt

If you’re looking for a unique way for beginning students (ages 4-8) to practice penmanship skills, check out the 2004 Classic Edition of ReadyWriter. Built on the understanding that printing and cursive writing are based on “stylus skills,” author Edwin C. Myers, Ph.D. and illustrator Nellie M. Myers have created a resource to help students master the basic strokes used in forming letters.

A Learning Vitamins Unit in the Character and Competence Series of Education Materials, this resource is very durable—wire bound so it opens out flat, with glossy card-stock covers and quality paper that stands up to multiple erasings. In a total of 192 exercise pages, ReadyWriter contains 12 pages each of 16 sequential exercise levels. By repeating a given level each day—a daily “vitamin” of 5-8 minutes—your student will complete this supplemental book in one school year.

Designed in a fun format with supporting short stories for each level, students master basic strokes while cutting brownies, fixing the barn, or waking up the sheep. This consumable book is copyrighted, though the materials may be copied by the purchaser for use by immediate family members, and masters suitable for copying are available for in-home use if desired.

Teacher prep time is virtually nil—just get your student started on the vitamin of the day. At $18.95, this colorful course gives visual and kinetic learners the boost they need, and the stories appeal to auditory learners as they practice penmanship strokes. ReadyWriter is also a super product to have on hand for pre-schoolers who want to “do school” along with older siblings. They can have their own worksheets and actually be acquiring basic skills while mom works with someone else. Completed sheets work well for coloring, too, if desired.

The authors of Learning Vitamins seek to provide a biblical and moral frame of reference as well by including Bible texts on every exercise. ReadyWriter can enhance character building by exploring these with students.

Designed to “bridge the gap between learning what to do and being able to do it well,” this is one daily vitamin that goes down easy!

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