The Wild Brothers: Welcome to Our World (DVD)

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

Answers in Genesis has just released the first two DVDs in a new series entitled The Wild Brothers. Featuring the four sons of missionaries Mike and Libby Wild, this series will give you a glimpse of missionary life, the wonders of God’s creation, and the adventures of a family living in the wilds of the jungle.

All told, eight episodes are slated for release over the next couple of years. The first in the series, which I just had the opportunity to view, is The Wild Brothers: Welcome to Our World. In this episode, we’re introduced to the Wild family, their missionary work, and their jungle environment. The Wild Brothers—Morgan, Hudson, Kian, and Asher—are homeschooled and live in the midst of one of the great science classrooms in the world: the amazing jungle of Papua.

The Wild family makes their home in the interior highlands of Papua, where they work as missionaries to the previously unreached Wano people group. They live in a home they built themselves from hand-hewn boards cut from trees felled in the surrounding jungle (you’ll get a glimpse of this backbreaking project in the video).

You could think of this DVD as nature show meets missionary biography. You’ll see some great footage of the jungle, the surrounding area, and some of the creatures that live there, but it’s a lot more than just a creation-based science DVD. The Wild Brothers clearly enjoy their life in the jungle, but the whole reason their family is in that environment is their dedication to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. (By the way, of special interest to fans of AiG will be the fact that the Wild family presents the gospel starting in Genesis. They’ve seen many come to Christ using this approach!) Not only will your children learn about the jungle and what it’s like to live there, they’ll also be challenged to think about the great need that exists for others like the Wild family to take the message of Christ to people around the globe.

Included with the DVD is a Discussion & Activity Guide that features discussion questions and links to helpful resources. I also encourage you to avail yourself of the accompanying website (, where you’ll find more articles, photos, and videos.

I’m looking forward to seeing future episodes produced by the Wild Brothers. As usual, Answers in Genesis has published an interesting and quality resource that not only teaches us about the amazing world around us but also reminds us of the One who created all we see—and became our Redeemer as well.

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