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Hey, Daddy!

By Jonathan Lewis

The parenting journey exposes what we are - and sometimes that means coming face-to-face with things in ourselves we'd rather not see.


Treating Learning Disabilities with Nutritional Therapy

By Dr. Keith Kantor

The foods our kids eat can help boost brain function and mental clarity - important keys to improved learning.


Swimming Like a Rock

By Melanie Adams

Homeschooling doesn't always come naturally, but we press on, looking to God for strength.


Whose Standards Do We Follow?

By Kimberly Williams

When it comes to the education and training of our children, there's no more important question to ask.


How to Teach Your Kids About Money Management (even if you’re not doing so well yourself!)

By Carol Topp

Giving our kids a solid education about finances is critical. Here are some ideas and strategies you can use.


Facing Our Fears

By Colleen Gallagher

When we suspect our child may have learning disabilities, fear is a natural reaction - but we shouldn't let that stop us from pursuing an early diagnosis and intervention.


Time Flies

By Rebecca Brandt

I'm learning to embrace new ages and neeeds as the years pass by.


Beat-the-Clock Essay Writing

By Janice Campbell

Will your high schooler be ready for timed essays on exams like CLEP, AP, and SAT? Help them be prepared!


The Missing Curriculum

By Dr. Christian Overman

In early America, students were taught something very important that has vanished from modern textbooks. We need to get it back.


Say Yes to God!

By Pam Timmer

The amazing journey our family embarked on, and the vitally important lesson I learned.


Reviews in This Issue:

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis (DVD Series)

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) has released a tremendous new DVD series entitled Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis. The twelve episodes are filled not only with solid information about science and the Bible, but also…Read 


Preschool Activities in a Bag (E-books 1 & 2)

Reviewed by Linnea Lewis

Have you ever puzzled over how to keep your preschooler occupied, safe, out of trouble, and (hopefully) educationally employed while homeschooling your older kids? Do you work with younger children in a homeschool co-op, church nursery,…Read 


Jesus Our Savior Busy Bible

Reviewed by Matthew Lewis

I heard about Busy Bibles years ago, but I never really knew what they were about until one landed in my hands for review. Upon opening the package, I realized that anything I would have envisioned based on the title alone would fall far…Read 


Kids’ Guide to the 50 States

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

Kids’ Guide to the 50 States is the kind of book every family should own. In fact, you should have lots of this genre of book on the shelves in your home. What genre am I talking about? Well, I suppose you could call it “reference books…Read