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Don’t Go Back!

By Jonathan Lewis

When God places a calling on our lives, it's best to press on and reach for the vision.


Dad’s Work is Never Done

By Amy Lee Bell

Practical pointers for busy dads who want to get involved.


Digging Broken Cisterns

By Cindy Puhek

My journey toward depending more on Jesus and less on myself.


Remembering the Important Things

By Susanna Harding

Don't lose sight of what homeschooling is all about.


Millennials, Homeschoolers, Our Faith, and the Future

By Jonathan Lewis

A look at the latest data gives homeschoolers reason to be encouraged.


Refreshing Our Focus

By Naomie Musch

How to stay energized as the year stretches on.


Being Content

By Rebecca Brandt

I'm learning to give thanks in all circumstances.


The Frugal Chariot

By Lindsey Narmour

Every homeschooler knows reading is important. But why? And how can we get the most out of the literature we read?


Literature Circles

By Shelby Pruitt

A New Approach to Reading.


10,000 Hours of Homeschooling

By Israel Wayne

Using the time we've been given with our children to maximum benefit.


Reviews in This Issue:

Big Bible Guide: Kids’ Guide to Creation and Bible Animals

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

This fun resource is actually two books in one. First is “Kids’ Guide to Creation,” a day-by-day account of the creation week with loads of scientific information and fun facts about our universe, the earth, plants, animals, and humans.…Read 


Modern Parables, Volume I (DVD set)

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

Modern Parables is a quality product using a unique concept: a set of DVDs that utilize the power of film to capture eternal truths from the parables of Christ.  Volume 1 consists of three DVDs and features six of Christ’s best known…Read  


Electric Energy Prop Racer

Reviewed by Matthew Lewis

The Electric Energy Prop Racer kit from Pitsco is a simple, interesting project that will help your students begin to explore the world of electric cars. Along the way, they’ll also learn (or practice) general hands-on shop skills.  This…Read