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Millennials, Homeschoolers, and the Future of America

By Jonathan Lewis

Against the backdrop of changing times and eroding faith and morality comes encouraging news: Parents still matter - a lot.


When we Make a Mess of Motherhood

By Melissa Kruger

The good news of the gospel is that Jesus changes us from the inside out.


Learning on the Go

By Karen Doll


Grandparents: We Need You!

By Kimberly Williams

Three huge ways grandparents can support homeschooling.


Kindling a Christian Renaissance

By Dr. Steven Hake

The decline of Christianity in the West and the rise of homeschooling create a unique opportunity.


Blessed Mothers

By Rebecca Brandt

Pointing our children to Christ is the best path to being a blessed mom.


Choosing Literature: Ice Cream or Arsenic?

By Israel Wayne

When it comes to picking books for our children, how do we decide what is appropriate?


The Pencil Wars

By Amy Myers

How arguments over pencils showed me where the true battle lies.


The Call to Homeschool

By Gretel Deem

Is homeschooling just a "good idea" - or is it something more?