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Jesus or Homeschooling: Which is the Answer?

By Jonathan Lewis

In the battle for the next generation, where is our trust?


College? Maybe Not

By Kimberly Williams


Family Matters

By Gretel Deem


Writing is Fun!

By Lea Ann Garfias

Understanding the development of writing skills.


Dealing with Distractions

By Victoria Stankus

Four questions to help us minimize distractions and live by our priorities.


Bear One Another’s Burdens

By Rebecca Brandt

As my life continues to change, I'm realizing more than ever how much I need others.


Defending Our Children: Protecting or Enabling?

By Israel Wayne

Why we must protect our children...but not too much.


Love or Duty?

By Cindy Puhek

Are we serving God and our families from a heart of love, or only from a sense of duty?