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Time to Refresh

By Various Authors

Homeschool moms share their top strategies on how to stay encouraged, keep the vision strong, and be refreshed when the going gets tough.


More Than Academics: Four Big Reasons to Homeschool

By Jonathan Lewis

Academics are important, but they're not the only reason to teach your kids at home.


Making it Count

By Melanie Hexter

10 steps to getting the most out of a convention.


The Family Approach

By Cindy Puhek

Here's a new ministry dedicated to helping Christians rediscover a family-based approach to eldercare.


Why Do You Homeschool?

By Esther McGuire

Most homeschoolers are motivated by one of two objectives. What are they, and why do they matter?


Math: Escape the Drudgery

By Katherine Loop

If math is boring your student to tears, try these ideas to add new life!


The Weight of the World

By Rebecca Brandt

If you're feeling weighed down, perhaps you're carrying a burden God never asked you to bear.


7 Surprising Lessons I Learned From Teaching My Children to Read

By Lea Ann Garfias

Sometimes we have to be as teachable as our children - for the good of all of us!


An Open Letter to My Homeschooled Children

By Israel Wayne

We're taking the path less traveled. Here's why.


Reviews in This Issue:

Mom, How Can I Make Money?: Helping Your Kid Become a Kidpreneur

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

Entrepreneurialism can teach your children many things: how to manage money, interact with customers, solve real-world problems, and so much more. But true entrepreneurialism is more than selling candy bars door-to-door or babysitting…Read 


Principles of Mathematics, Book 1

Reviewed by Lea Ann Garfias

Homeschoolers who emphasize biblical worldview in all their subjects finally have a quality math curriculum. Principles of Mathematics: Biblical Worldview Curriculum by Katherine Loop is a complete middle school/junior high math program…Read 


Easy Animal Paper Crafts

Reviewed by Linnea Lewis

The 106-page, spiral-bound Easy Animal Paper Crafts book is just that: a book full of simple crafts children will enjoy. Dozens of animals are featured, in alphabetical order, with a nice variety of craft types. From color-by-number to…Read 


Profiles of Valor

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

If you’re looking for reading material for your kids that’s both wholesome and educational, look no further than Profiles of Valor by Marilyn Boyer and Grace Tumas.  Subtitled Character Studies from the War of Independence, this book…Read 


Lessons from Aesop Copywork

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

Lessons from Aesop is a copywork resource for elementary students to practice their writing and penmanship skills. As the title suggests, the book uses quotations from Aesop’s fables as the material students will copy. For example,…Read