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Class of 16

By Various Authors

Planning a homeschool graduation this year? Here are some ideas to make it memorable.


The Wisdom of Washington

By Jonathan Lewis

More than two centuries ago, the father of our country shared profound wisdom about education. What can we learn from his words?


Teach Your Child to Think Like a Writer

By Karen Lange

A handy three-part strategy that will simplify writing for your students.


Mathematically Musical

By Debra Newby

You can learn a lot about math just by studying music.


They Need What We Have

By Dr. Steven Hake

What American homeschoolers have that the church worldwide needs - and what we can do about it.


It’s Too Hard!

By Lea Ann Garfias

The very real struggle homeschooling moms face.


Taking Stock

By Rebecca Brandt

Sometimes we have to reassess where we are and what's really important.


Serious Fun

By Israel Wayne

We all have lessons we need to learn - and God has been teaching me an important one lately.


The Hidden Dangers of My Public School Education

By Cindy Puhek

Three decades ago, I attended some of the best schools around - but not everything I learned was helpful.


Reviews in This Issue:

Auto Upkeep Homeschool Kit

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

I’m not a car guy. In my book, cars are tools, not toys. I appreciate having a good set of wheels, but I don’t get all revved up about the details. And when it comes to maintenance? I’d far rather pay someone to change my oil than try to…Read 


Discovering Design with Chemistry

Reviewed by Cindy Puhek (BS, MA Chemistry)

It is important—if not critical—for homeschoolers to use high school science textbooks that were written for homeschoolers. Why? The author of a homeschool-friendly text will assume the student does not have easy access to a subject…Read 


Little Passports (World Edition and USA Edition)

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

Little Passports a subscription-based, interactive introduction to the world around us, designed especially for children. There are three editions available: Early Explorers (ages three to five), World Edition (ages five to ten), and USA…Read