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One Mom, Lots of Grades

By Various Authors

How can one homeschooling mom handle kids in multiple grades at the same time?


May I Have a Word?

By Kimberly Williams

How to hear God's Voice


A Recipe for Poetry Appreciation

By Jamie Gross

Cultivating a taste for poetry is as easy as pie with these simple steps!


A Picture Book is Worth a Thousand Lessons

By Jenny Herman

45 creative ideas to get the most out of your picture books.


Homeschooling in a Shoe

By Israel Wayne

Life is busy, hectic, and sometimes downright crazy! Whether you’re homeschooling two or ten, you’ve got a lot to handle. Here are some tips for survival.


Bringing Literature to Life: Motivating Preteens to Study Literature

By Anne Campbell

Six tips for engaging your reluctant reader in the world of great books.


A New Creation

By Rebecca Brandt

This new school year, I want to live in the fullness of God's goodness.


A Day in the Life of My One-Room Schoolhouse

By Cindy Puhek

There's never a dull moment in a busy homeschooler's life!


Leaving a Legacy of Words

By Maribeth Spangenberg

How we can use our words to pass on a powerful spiritual legacy.


Reviews in This Issue:

Pitchin’ a Fit: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-out Parenting

Reviewed by Lea Ann Garfias

“You are not alone. Everyone struggles with this issue [anger] to some extent.” This primary principle dominates Pitchin’ a Fit, the newest parenting book from homeschool graduates Israel and Brook Wayne. And it’s that humility,…Read 


“Family” shadowbox

Reviewed by Linnea Lewis

We were introduced to Shadow Box Inspirations recently when they sent us a sample of one of their unique, creative pieces of artwork. The shadow box we received says “Family” in large, scripted letters made up of semiprecious and natural…Read 


Rocking Ordinary

Reviewed by Cindy Puhek

Have you ever felt ordinary? Or perhaps you feel like it would be an improvement to feel ordinary, because you feel broken and ruined and useless?  Lea Ann Garfias has written a new book called Rocking Ordinary for all the women I just…Read 


TechnoLogic: How to Set Logical Technology Boundaries and Stop the Zombie Apocalypse

Reviewed by Jonathan Lewis

I’m a Millennial. Okay, just barely—but I still qualify. I grew up around technology and got an early start with computers. I may not be a natural tech geek, but I do handle technology competently and have done so for years.  And from…Read