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Home School Enrichment Magazine cover imageHere at Home School Enrichment, we believe homeschooling is the best lifestyle a Christian family can have. And, we want you to experience that joy and fulfillment throughout your entire homeschool journey! Keep reading for just a few topics we've covered to help keep the joy in your homeschool!

Relevant and Useful

Most of our authors are homeschool parents themselves, so you know you're getting tried-and-true ideas that work in the real world of homeschooling. Here are just a few of the topics we've covered in past issues:

  • 10 Time-Tested Tips for Staying on Track
  • How to Stay Inspired
  • Real-Life Strategies to Get More Done
  • Customizing Your Highschooler's Education
  • Handling the High-Needs Child
  • Why Homeschooling is the Best Answer for Good Socialization
  • Developing a Philosophy of Education: How You Can and Why You Should
  • Using Faith in Our Homeschools
  • How NOT to Teach Writing
  • 34 Mommy Tips: Quick and easy ways to simplify your life

Encouraging and Inspiring

Homeschooling can be tough sometimes, so we all need regular doses of encouragement and inspiration to keep our focus clear. That's why each issue of Home School Enrichment is filled with uplifting articles and Biblical advice to keep our perspective what it ought to be, to help you keep going strong, all year long!

I love the encouragement that I have received from each issue. I feel that it really hits the heart of home school issues and helps me feel more confident in the path that we have chosen for our family.

Billie in Texas

Practical and Long-Lasting

Home School Enrichment Magazine isn't a magazine you'll read once and then throw away. We hear from readers all the time who keep their issues handy for years, so they can refer back to the practical, real-life teaching ideas and encouragement. Each issue of HSE is a long-lasting resource that you'll keep coming back to again and again!

Just wanted to let you know that your magazine is in my humble opinion the best homeschool resource out there. I have just been going through back issues of all my homeschool magazines, searching for things to aid my teaching this year. I have found three times as much useful stuff in yours than in any other...

Linda in Illinois

Not Just for Mom!

We want each issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine to have something for every member of your family! So while Mom may be the first one to go through each issue when it arrives, Dad and the kids will probably also wind up with it somewhere along the line! Your kids especially will love the special articles we include just for them, like History and Heritage and Inventions That Changed the World. And lots of Dads get a real kick out of helping with the hands-on projects included in each issue!

I enjoyed [the magazine] - and noticed that my husband picked it up & was reading it & commenting on the articles too!

Marilyn in Colorado

Thanks for the great magazine! The whole family looks forward to its arrival.

Jina S.

Money-back Guarantee

We're confident Home School Enrichment Magazine will encourage and help you in your homeschool. But if for any reason you're not satisfied, just call us at 1-800-558-9523 and let us know - we'll refund your money for all unmailed issues, no muss, no fuss. But since beginning publication in January of 2003, we could count the number of refunds we've given on one hand, proving that Home School Enrichment Magazine really is useful to real homeschoolers!

How to Subscribe

We've tried to make it really easy to subscribe to Home School Enrichment Magazine. So, there are three easy ways to order:

  • Online: Just click here!
  • By phone: Call us toll-free at 800-558-9523
  • By mail: Mail-in order form coming soon!