Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum

Reviewed by Roberta Peavey

Answers for Kids is a 30-lesson apologetics program for upper elementary ages. It can be used for Sunday School, homeschool, or family devotions. In the lessons presented, children get answers about the Bible, history, and science.

The program begins by teaching children the Seven Cs of History (more on that in a moment). After this, there are eleven lessons about the Bible, the earth, creation, evolution, dinosaurs, and more. 

Each lesson consists of a teacher page which contains lesson-related scriptures, a memory verse, visuals, and other materials. There is a lesson overview and a lesson time section with illustrations, activities, and recommended resources. Other items included are an online Teacher’s Resource Page with Internet links to articles referenced in the book, a song CD, a Teacher Resource DVD-ROM (which contains PowerPoint illustrations and printable worksheets) and Student Handouts.

The Seven Cs of History (the seven major events that the Bible tells us “have affected, or will affect, the world”) include Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. Topics such as physics, angels, chemistry, botany, astronomy, geology, archaeology, zoology and others are also woven into the lessons. Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark and the Flood, Disobedience and Idolatry, Babel, and eventually Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and His life, death, and return are all covered in these insightful lessons.  Evolution, the Ice Age, Dinosaurs, and even Aliens are discussed in the last few lessons.

In this program children learn about “old” vs. “young” earth, six days of literal creation, the life, death, and return of Christ, the Gospel message of salvation and discipleship, the origins of the Bible, and so much more! 

We really like the children’s handouts, too. They are colorful, relevant, and fun. There is a lesson part followed by a cartoon, extra information and/or some type of puzzle. The handouts are short but full of information that emphasizes ideas from the related lessons. I was also thankful for the charts included in the back of the book. It was nice to be able to refer to an overview of the Seven Cs of History, an Old Testament timeline, a Books of the Bible timeline, and a genealogy chart. The charts really help to bring the lessons together in a more understandable way. 

These are great lessons without a lot of extra fluff. Overall this is a very comprehensive and educational Bible curriculum for children.

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