Christian Liberty Preschool Activity Book

Reviewed by Michelle Connolly

Preschoolers, letters, shapes, and animals go hand in hand in this fabulous workbook. Christian Liberty Press has produced a great workbook full of fun and appealing images and activities for the younger set.

While emphasizing alphabet recognition, the workbook also includes a plethora of images depicting shape, size, contrast, opposites, and similarity. Embedded within the pages of fun activities are the foundational skills of learning: practice seeing left to right, interpreting differences and similarities between concepts such as fast and slow, and images that encourage global reasoning skills. Each section has a letter to learn and complementary activities such as shapes, lines, colors, and matching along with rhyming, fine motor activities such as dot-to-dot, and the concept of less and more.

Though images are not elaborate, their simplicity helps the child focus on the task of the page such as drawing a line from left to right or on a diagonal. The simplicity of the images also invites the preschooler to apply her imagination to the images—coloring a cat purple with hearts for instance. The format of the pages encourages children to observe without overstimulating them and leaves room for them to put their own mark on the image. Images are large enough for inexperienced crayon users to feel comfortable coloring. There are a lot of opportunities for writing skills here too—tracing letters and numbers is always good at this stage. The spacing between letters and numbers to be traced is generous and user-friendly for awkward hands.

Using this book with my preschoolers was fun and rewarding. It gave them a sense of being “a big kid” while learning scholastic foundations. Many smiles have emerged with the successful completion of these simple activities.

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