Family Fun Night SuperKit

Reviewed by Frank Lewis

Look! Driving up the driveway! Is it a milkman? Is it a deliveryman? Is it a mailman? NO!! It’s…HeroDad!!!! He’s more sensitive to his families’ feelings than the average dad. He’s a spiritual leader seeking the hearts of his kids. He’s…HeroDad!!

What is a HeroDad? It’s just the opposite of a zerodad.  And what is HeroDads? A company founded by Dave Bower, which exists to help us dads become the fathers we need to be to our children. HeroDads helps you step out of the mediocre and into the exciting. It helps you step from a My Project kind of Dad, into a Project Family kind of Dad. It will help you lead your kids out of the world’s definition of fun, into a daily fun, family adventure that all of you will enjoy. What can you do to become your kids’ HeroDad? In a nutshell, Dave says it takes T.I.M.E. (Total Involvement in Meaningful Events), a dedicated commitment, plus a liberal dose of ideas. And, with the help of HeroDads, you can be well on your way to becoming a HeroDad to your kids.

We reviewed the Family Fun Night Super Kit, and it is impressive. This kit includes the AirZooka (you won’t believe it!), the Home Run Hitter, Mega Balloon, Tornado Tube, the HeroDads Adventure Guide, and more. However, the AirZooka was our personal favorite. You can even “listen” to that ball of air go by!! HeroDads also offers the Play at the Park SuperKit for great outdoor fun times. Each of the activities in these kits is designed to be quickly setup and have you making memories in moments. HeroDads also offers individual products as well; everything from fun activities to read-aloud books that the whole family will enjoy.

The 60-page Family Fun Night Adventure Guide, included in the SuperKits, is chockfull of advice and fun ideas that will lead you onto the path of becoming the man-of-the-hour in your home. Purchase one of their kits and get ready for some memorable times.

Dads, one of the primary ways to capture your children’s hearts is to build memories together as a family. Even if you aren’t a zerodad, HeroDads can give you the tools and ideas to help you capture the hearts and minds of your kids”┬Žand have a blast doing it!

HeroDads. Wholeheartedly recommended!

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