Great Editing Adventure Series

Reviewed by Marcia Washburn

Looking for a fun way to review language arts concepts? Common Sense Press has a winner in its Great Editing Adventure Series. First published in 1993, this perennial favorite has stood the test of time with homeschoolers. Each volume includes ninety daily lessons targeting 4th-6th grade skills. The exercises would also be useful for 7th & 8th grade review.

In each assignment, the student “plays teacher” by correcting the errors in the day’s sentence. The daily sentences combine to tell a story, adding motivation to the task. Editing exercises teach and review grammar, writing mechanics, spelling, vocabulary, finding synonyms with a thesaurus, and dictionary use. The Teacher’s Manual shows both the incorrect sentence and the sentence after editing. Sidebars explain the rules that are highlighted in the sentence and give suggested synonyms for the vocabulary word of the day. This means no extra research for busy moms.

A frugal mom can copy the sentence of the day from the teacher’s manual onto the student’s paper or a chalkboard. An optional student workbook is available, if preferred. This resource is not designed as a language arts textbook, but rather as a tool for reviewing concepts taught in a conventional text.

This clever resource is an easy way to provide a daily dose of grammar review to the student’s diet, allowing him to put into use, in a practical way, the rules he has been studying in grammar.

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