Great Science Adventures

Reviewed by Merri Larsen

Each book in the Great Science Adventures curriculum is a complete program containing 24 lessons, all needed lab pages, and review.  Enrichment exercises weave the subject matter with related literature and websites.  Designed for use by grades K-8, assignments are coded by ability level.  The higher level students will need access to standard reference materials.  Each lesson consists of concepts, vocabulary words, reading (included are mini-books), and enrichment activities entitled, “Experiences, Investigations, and Research.”  Easy-to-understand, uncomplicated, open-ended and hands-on project ideas abound.  There is truly something for every age and every learning style/personality type.  As with all products from this wildly popular publisher, Common Sense Press, this series is logically and thoroughly researched and presented with a friendly, easily-understood format that motivates and excites the students.  Lessons are written with the assumption that the teacher is beginning at the ground level, which tremendously helps those like me who are ‘science-impaired.’  Now that I have several of the books from this series, I have a plan to purchase more and can rest assured that my children (from my Kindergartener to my high school freshman) will be equipped to not only understand important scientific concepts, but become excited about them as well.

Books in Great Science Adventures series available now (more to come):

The World of Insects and Arachnids, Discovering Earth’s Landforms and Surface Features, Discovering the Human Body and Senses, The World of Light and Sound, The World of Plants, The World of Tools and Technology, and The World of Space.

Information and availability subject to change without notice.