Jesus Our Savior Busy Bible

Reviewed by Matthew Lewis

I heard about Busy Bibles years ago, but I never really knew what they were about until one landed in my hands for review. Upon opening the package, I realized that anything I would have envisioned based on the title alone would fall far short of the product itself.

There are two Busy Bibles available: the Original Busy Bible featuring a dozen stories from the Old and New Testaments and the Jesus Our Savior Busy Bible featuring the life of Christ.

Busy Bibles are hand-made, heirloom-quality cloth books containing enough special features to fascinate your little ones three and up. Each page includes a heading and Scripture reference for parents to read or discuss with their children—who, meanwhile, will be captivated by the project that accompanies it!

For example, page 4 of the Jesus Our Savior edition shows us Jesus growing up as a carpenter. The Bible passage provided is Mark 6:1–3, and the page includes a picture of a young Jesus wielding a hammer, building a table and chair. The planks forming the furniture are removable (and can be stored in a “tool chest” pocket) so that your child can “help” build the items.

Other projects throughout the book include a puzzle depicting Jesus’s birth, wise men bearing gifts (with actual, removable replicas), and a sick man who has just been commanded to get up and walk—your child can reenact with the slip-jointed felt gentleman included.

I was sold on our Busy Bible as soon as I looked through it, but the real test was when I gave it to our three-year-old daughter, Abigail. We read and discussed each page while she carefully did each project. Her eyes beamed the entire time, and she laughed frequently as we played our way through the entire book. When we were finished, the Jesus Our Savior Busy Bible had earned its place near the top of her favorite books—and toys—of all time. She asks to read it every day, and best of all, she is becoming more and more familiar with the highlights of the gospels every time she uses it.

A fun, effective way for parents to guide their children through important Scriptures, a Busy Bible is a worthy addition to any family’s library—or perhaps the toy box? Either way, get a Busy Bible for your little ones; it’s sure to become a family favorite! 

This review was originally published in the January/February 2015 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. Information and availability subject to change without notice.