Questions Jesus Asks

Reviewed by Lea Ann Garfias

Many of us have questions we would like to ask of Jesus. The new book Questions Jesus Asks reminds us that He has many for us as well.

Author, apologist, and homeschool graduate Israel Wayne follows up on his popular book Questions God Asks with the compelling sequel Questions Jesus Asks: Where Divinity Meets Humanity. Published this year by New Leaf Press, the book covers twenty separate questions Christ posed during His life on earth in 186 pages, including two appendices explaining the doctrinal terms hypostatic union and communicato idiomatum.

And that’s about as complicated as it gets. Israel’s purpose—to explore the deep truths Christ reveals through pointed questions—is crystal clear through each brief chapter. “For some Christians, tossing around big theological words can be a way to seem intellectually superior to everyone else. For others, it’s more a sign of being so immersed in a sub-culture that we forget to show proper consideration and inclusion to others who aren’t part of our little club” (from page 114). Israel avoids both of those extremes brilliantly and humbly with this practical study.

Questions Jesus Asks deals with a wide range of topics, from the doctrines of Christology, the virgin birth, hell, and demonology to practical Christian living issues like fear, money, love, and family. Each lesson is introduced by a question Jesus posed to his followers, and these are examined in light of the Gospels.

This book is anything but dry. Israel begins each chapter with a story from his own life—a humorous, anecdotal, or even embarrassing story to illustrate the practicality of that chapter’s issue. Though he wrestles with abstract theological issues, Israel never fails to put flesh on each one, bringing to light the real-life application of each truth.

It would be entirely too easy, in a study such as this, to fall into stuffy, complex, academic writing that highlights the author’s knowledge and research to the detriment of the reader. Israel avoids that pitfall by keeping the reader’s needs at the forefront. His casual, conversational style makes the book easy to read and compelling to meditate upon.

Questions Jesus Asks makes an excellent devotional or group Bible study and is appropriate for teens and adults. I only wished there were study questions or a companion study guide to facilitate discussion.  However, Israel does pepper his writing with pointed questions for the reader, making it difficult to ignore the issues in one’s own life. 

This review was originally published in the September/October 2015 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. Information and availability subject to change without notice.