The MicroChem Kit

Reviewed by Merri Larson

Please note: Prerequisites to this course are Algebra and Physical Science.

Here’s the best answer I’ve found to the “chemistry-at-home” dilemma!

Developed by Dr. Frank Eshelman, a retired engineering professor (with over 36 years teaching experience!), the MicroChem Kit contains 26 chemicals, 24 kinds of equipment, and a 117-page manual, all packaged in a sturdy plastic box.  The author’s goal to produce affordable, compact, durable chemistry kits has been amazingly realized!

All supplies not included are easy-to-find household items such as food coloring, graph paper, tape, salt, sugar, and vinegar, and are listed at the beginning of each lesson.  All included items are also listed in order of appearance in the experiment. Pre-mixed chemical solutions simplify setup and preparation. The manual is written in an exact, yet easily-understood style without scientific jargon. Lab results can be recorded directly into the manual on highly-organized tables and in the spaces provided. Even a novice science teacher like me will be able to keep one step ahead of those brilliant scientific-minded students.

Organized into 17 lessons containing detailed instructions and descriptions, this course includes a thorough introduction (including all equipment lists) as well as detailed Solutions at the back of the manual. Check out their website,, for precise descriptions of chemicals and experiments. Here are a few of the experiment titles: Paper Chromatography, Electrical Conductivity of Several Solutions, Microscale Titration, and Electrochemistry, Galvanic Cells . . . and much more!

This program definitely places the student at the beginning college level in Chemistry. I sincerely wish I’d had this when my older children were in high school. You can be sure my younger ones will have this benefit. Highly recommended for parent educators (even of the unscientific variety) who desire to provide a complete Chemistry Lab right in the comfort of their own home!

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